Our Campus

An "Off the Grid" Learning Environment

Wildwoods School will be a fully off the grid campus, meaning we only use natural resources to power our buildings. The school will run off solar power and use natural light as much as possible. Each building will be created using various green building techniques and materials including Earth bags, recycled tires, glass bottles, plastic, trash and other sustainable materials. Wildwoods School's mission is to not only provide exceptional education to all children but to help reduce the detrimental effects pollution has on our planet.
Our goal is to become a model for other schools, businesses and organizations and show the community that building can be done in a modern, sustainable, and cost-effective manner.

Long Way Home, our United States based NGO, is an organization dedicated to furthering green building by constructing sustainable green schools around the world. Long Way Home will play an integral part in building Wildwoods School. 

glass bottles
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eco brick
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At Wildwoods School, we aim to develop a community that coexists with the planet in a peaceful and sustainable way.



Every morning scholars will help maintain the school garden, harvesting their own fruits and vegetables that will later be cut, cooked, and served for snack and lunch. Daily, meaningful interactions with the food learners eat each day teaches scholars how to make healthy eating choices and also provides relevant teachable moments across all subjects.

Wildwoods  School will also have various farm animals that students will interact with daily. Scholars will take responsibility in caring for and maintaining the pens, giving learners the life skills needed to be responsible, respectful global citizens.

Our Animals Pens and School Garden